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Bozhena, 17
29th июл
Intelligence is sexy. Don’t play stupid.

— Unknow (via pixxelprincess)


hey darlings! this is oppakai's midsummer sheinside giveaway! 

this giveaway features dresses, sunglasses and swimsuits. you can choose two things from this link, however, they must be two different pieces. for example, you can choose sunglasses and a dress but you cannot choose two dresses or two bikinis.

they have a wide variety of colours and styles ranging from S-XL (in most styles). no matter what your personal style is, from pastel grunge to edgy chic and everything in between, they have something just for you!!

sheinside offers free worldwide shipping, tracking numbers and excellent and quick customer service


  • you must be following me, (i will check!) since this is a special giveaway for my followers, please don’t participate if you plan on unfollowing after the giveaway. there’s really no point, you’ll just be wasting your time.
  • likes do not count but you can like this post for reference of course!
  • giveaway blogs will be ignored
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • you can reblog this as many times as you like, but please try not to spam your followers too much!
  • please don’t delete this text or your entry will not count and you will be blocked.
  • you have to be comfortable with giving me your email address, i will be asking you for it if you win!
  • i will use a random number generator to find the winner
  • i will give the winner 48 hours to respond before choosing an alternate winner
  • your ask box must be open otherwise i cannot contact you and i will choose an alternate winner
  • if you are under 18, please remember to ask your parents/guardians for permission!
  • this giveaway will end on august 1st, 2014 (at 11:59pm EST)

items above: 

1 |2 |3

4 |5 |6

if you have any questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to message me. have a wonderful day, sweetie! ♡

26th июл
  • plot twist: you wake up for school fully rested and ready to socialize
24th июл


"Your dress is too short."

Thanks, the designer used your dick for inspiration.

24th июл


tryna post a selfie like